The Trade Fighter Roadmap

The Gen2 journey into Learn-2-Earn

6 min readDec 9, 2021

TradeFighter is a blockchain gaming platform focused on the democratisation of trading. In our first play-to-earn blockchain game, players make price predictions on crypto pairs for 97% potential returns on their investments, in as little as 30 seconds(!).

The TradeFighter platform has amassed over 12,000 global users since launch in October 21 and some of our players earn around $1,000 a month (you know who you are!)

This is an amazing start and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve received from you, our community. But we’re not stopping here — our journey as Trade Fighters is just beginning… leaderboard

TradeFighter isn’t just a blockchain gaming platform.. We are, first and foremost, an education platform & we are leading the charge into educating the masses on how to become better traders.

We are going to do this by releasing more play-to-earn games; NFTs that will unlock level-ups and increased in-game abilities; player-created price-prediction pools; and creating a DAO which will put power into the hands of our community on a very special collaboration with the incredible manga artist Chihiro Tamaki.

(Tamaki Chihiro is one of Japan’s leading comic artists and the brilliant creative talent behind TradeFighter’s characters. She is active on the global stage and writes in various genres; her book ‘Walkinʼ Butterfly’ has been translated into six languages and made into a TV drama.)

Our blockchain games will have a focus not only on earning, but on learning. Players will learn to become better traders through gaming, and they’ll earn money while they’re doing it.

The TradeFighter team has been working with our community to forge our roadmap and move into the next phase of our ecosystem’s evolution — from Play-to-Earn to PLAY-to-LEARN.

And drum roll please…

TradeFighter’s Roadmap

We are super-excited to introduce you to a few things.

We’ve been working on the story of the Trade Fighters and the amazing characters that represent them — our TF characters will be NFT’s — playable and usable within the gen2 TradeFighter ecosystem.

Our first genesis NFTs in collaboration with Chihiro Tamaki will be available on Binance Marketplace in January/February 2022. NFT holders will have the ability to use their characters as their profiles in the gen2 ecosystem, be able to unlock special features as well as having access to exclusive TDF merchandise.

In the second quarter of 2022 TradeFighter will be unveiling TradeFighter academy — new blockchain games with a focus shifted from play-to-earn to Learn-2-Earn.

In third quarter 2022 we will be releasing our DAO and our governance token. Our NFT and token holders will have a say in how the TradeFighter story evolves, a unique and exciting collaboration with Chihiro Tamaki (more on this to come…).

TradeFighter is built by traders for gamers and we are delighted to be sharing our roadmap and plans for the future with you, our community.

Learning to Trade

At TradeFighter we’re doing this for our players because we want to democratise trading and teach our community how to become successful, profitable traders.

As we’ve discussed before, trading on the financial markets has historically been the privilege of only the rich and those who knew how. Cryptocurrency is changing that by making it possible for anyone with an internet connection to trade digital currencies without the need for a centralised broker or exchange.

The typical baby boomer (a person born between 1946–64) had little access to the financial markets. Trading education was hard to come by and trading could only be done through a broker for high fees. These were the generation, though, who enjoyed booming economies and worked in a time where jobs were plentiful and real-estate was affordable on an average salary.

In their young adulthood, many of Gen Y (born between 1981–96) saw hard economic times, most of which stemmed from the market crash of 2008. This meant less jobs to go around for a generation who had record numbers of graduates and record-highs of student debt. Gen Y got paid less for higher-level jobs than the generation before them, and all while being more educated and more indebted.

Gen Z (born between 1997–2012) saw the struggles of their Gen Y parents. Consequently they are more opposed to debt and more open to financial education as a result.

Gen Z are growing up in a time where finance is becoming democratised through cryptocurrency and they have the chance to break away from the sort of sovereign, centralised control of the financial markets that their parents and grandparents saw. They know trading and finance is more accessible than its ever been, but they need the education to help them take control of their financial futures.

Gen Z also boasts the most gamers of any generation. TradeFighter’s upcoming Learn-2-Earn blockchain games will democratise financial & trading education for a generation of gamers who have their financial futures in front of them.

The TradeFighter ecosystem will help our community break away from sovereign financial control which has plagued past generations. We’re super excited to launch our next phases and thrilled to be on this journey with you.

Revealing Trading Secrets and Teaching Hedge Fund Strategies

The world of trading strategy has historically been one veiled in secret. Those who had the knowledge (like Hedge Funds or Wall Street traders) often kept their secrets close to their chests in order to prevent others outside the industry from making as much money as they did.

Many hedge funds, for example, employ a couple of basic but powerful core strategies to ensure profit.

One of these is the strategy of trading on both positive and negative events at the same time. For example, the value of dollar and the price of gold are often correlated — gold is seen as a value-holding investment and so gold & the dollar tend to have an inverse relationship. When the dollar goes down, gold goes up and vice versa. When the value of the dollar falls, many investors pump their money into gold to prevent their portfolios from losing too much value. Many hedge funds know this, so when the value of the dollar drops they’ll place trades on both the USD going down and on gold going up.

Another core institutional strategy is the basic hedging strategy. No-one can ever be 100% sure of which way the market will go, so when some investors trade with the expectation the market will go one way, they also place a trade in the opposite direction to hedge their bets. For example, if a hedge fund is bullish on Bitcoin they may buy some BTC with the expectation its price will increase. At the same time they’ll also place a short trade in the opposite direction that the value of BTC will fall. When they have an idea of which way the market is moving, they’ll sell off the opposing trade and take a loss, while increasing their position in the remaining trade, all in the hopes they’ll sell at a net-profit.

Now, none of these strategies is foolproof, of course. These are just a couple of examples used by high-level traders — traders who wouldn’t necessarily want you knowing how they make their money. Each strategy can fail just as much as it can succeed (and incidentally — none of this is financial advice), but the point is to have the knowledge of the strategy in the first place.

This is what TradeFighter is doing — teaching basic and high-level trading strategies through blockchain gaming. Games in which You, the player, can earn money while you learn how to trade more effectively and more profitably.

Play-to-Earn while you Play-to-Learn. Learn-2-Earn

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you, our players and our community. Together we will democratise trading, learn and teach trading strategies through gaming and, of course, earn while we do it.

Disclaimer: This piece is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please do your own research and/or consult a financial, legal or tax professional before making any financial decisions. You may lose some or all of your money in price predictions, play-to-earn or any kind of cryptocurrency trading.

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