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Play-to-earn AND learn with blockchain gaming

5 min readNov 11, 2021
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TradeFighter is live — fighters are choosing their sides, watching the bulls and the bears battle it out and potentially making 97% gains while they do it.

TF is available in Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese/Korean as well as English, making it a truly global platform, and players collect their winnings in TDF — the TradeFighter ecosystem’s native token.

Click here for a quick guide on how to play TradeFighter’s first game — if you haven’t already played.

Players from all over the world have played tens of thousands of games on the platform so far, but TradeFighter is much more than a price-prediction crypto game; TF is leading the charge into the democratisation of trading and trading education.

Democratising Trading

Traditionally the ability to trade on the financial markets (and therefore the ability to make money from your money) has been the privilege of only the rich and those who knew how.

The financial system is often seen as a mystical, complex entity controlled by a select few. The average person often didn’t have a chance to learn how the system truly functioned, much less possess the knowledge of how to trade or profit from these seemingly impenetrable markets.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are turning this notion on its head, and they’re doing this through decentralising control of currency supply and allowing anyone to purchase, hold and take part in the trading of that currency.

A large component of this seismic shift — how crypto is making trading available to anyone — is blockchain gaming; both a new and rapidly burgeoning branch of the crypto market.

Play to Earn: The Power of Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming itself has been around since 2017, but has really gained momentum in 2021. Hype around games like Illuvium, The Mines of Dalarnia and Sandbox is growing almost exponentially, despite these games not having been released yet. However, no blockchain game has grown quite as much as Axie Infinity, which achieved daily transaction totals of $33million and a total valuation of almost $3billion in 2021.

Just to refresh, Axie Infinity is a trading and battling game that allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures known as “Axies”. Each Axie is digitised as a NFT, which means each one is verifiably unique via the blockchain. There is no question as to who owns each Axie/NFT and players can trade them on the open market, which gives their in-game characters actual, real-world value.

This is far different from online games we’ve seen in previous years which are not on the blockchain, where players can purchase untradeable in-game items with fiat currency which lack any real value outside the game.

In the case of Axie Infinity, new players need three Axie’s to begin playing and they need to purchase these Axie’s from existing players before they can begin. This means that existing players — those who have invested their time into breeding, raising and battling their in-game characters — can sell their Axie’s on to new players. Players have the opportunity to make real-world profits in either crypto or fiat currency, all for the effort they expended playing the game and levelling up their characters.

Playing to Earn for Real-World Gains

This play-to-earn model has been embraced in some parts of the world, especially during the COVID pandemic and particularly in the Philippines, where supposedly 40% of Axie Infinity players are based.

Just like TradeFighter and its native token TDF, Axie Infinity has its own digital currencies — AXS and SLP — which can be earned through gameplay and traded for fiat currency.

Some players have even amassed fortunes large enough to buy houses, just by playing the game and earning AXS or SLP (which have both rocketed in value in the past year — AXS by 75,000% alone), and many others have earned several times their monthly salary. It’s even reached the stage where some Philippino merchants actually prefer payment in Axie cryptocurrency instead of the Philippine Peso.

This shift in earning potential represents a huge shift in power to the average person — a trend known as permissionless finance. Those in developing and lower-GDP countries now have an option to earn more than they ever could working a standard job, and they can do it on their own terms. They no longer need to rely solely on another person paying them for their labour; they can earn off their own backs, without permission from anyone else, and all through their efforts in the digital world.

TradeFighter: Decentralising Education and Democratising Trading

TradeFighter is, first and foremost, a trading education platform. Its first blockchain game educates on trading by using simple cryptocurrency pairs coupled with the functionality to make predictions on them.

As we’ve mentioned above, trading on any kind of financial market has often been the mainstay of the rich, but TF is here to fix that.

Robin Janaway, co-founder of TradeFighter says;

Financial trading has traditionally been a ringed community — understood by few and run by fewer. It’s time to change that, and we’re doing it by using blockchain gaming to educate people how to trade.

Trading has undergone gamification through the blockchain — a phenomenon which TradeFighter is very much an integral part of with its first price-prediction game. But trading is also undergoing another change — a decentralisation of trading education.

Studies show a learner retains the most information when they have fun learning, which makes gaming a key tool for education. TradeFighter is championing these ideas — decentralising trading education and teaching through gamification — as the first Gamifeducation platform on the blockchain.

Better still, TradeFighter’s focus and direction on trading education will be decided by you, the player. TF will create a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) in which players can govern the platform in direct proportion to how many tokens and/or TradeFighter NFTs they hold.

TradeFighter’s upcoming NFTs will be unlockable and purchasable TF characters that are playable and offer levelled-up abilities in TF’s games, like the chance to open up new prediction pairs, increase pledge limits and provide access to leveraged price predictions in the current price prediction game.

Blockchain gaming is the fast-approaching future for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and TradeFighter is here to decentralise trading education through gamification. The second generation TradeFighter platform will introduce more trading games that combine the power to earn with the ability to learn during play.

Not only will you, the player, have the opportunity to make real returns from gaming on TradeFighter; you’ll also learn more about trading and trading strategy while you play. This, in the long run, will make players better traders and therefore more likely to make larger returns from their gaming and trading.

TradeFighter’s road map will be announced soon and TF will be here for a long time. Liquidity is locked, founders are doxxed and we are deeply invested in this journey with you and our community.

Disclaimer: This piece is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please do your own research and/or consult a financial, legal or tax professional before making any financial decisions. You may lose some or all of your money in price predictions or any kind of cryptocurrency trading.

Written by Rajeet Singh for Tradefighter