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Democratising Trading

Traditionally the ability to trade on the financial markets (and therefore the ability to make money from your money) has been the privilege of only the rich and those who knew how.

Play to Earn: The Power of Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming itself has been around since 2017, but has really gained momentum in 2021. Hype around games like Illuvium, The Mines of Dalarnia and Sandbox is growing almost exponentially, despite these games not having been released yet. However, no blockchain game has grown quite as much as Axie Infinity, which achieved daily transaction totals of $33million and a total valuation of almost $3billion in 2021.

Playing to Earn for Real-World Gains

This play-to-earn model has been embraced in some parts of the world, especially during the COVID pandemic and particularly in the Philippines, where supposedly 40% of Axie Infinity players are based.

TradeFighter: Decentralising Education and Democratising Trading

TradeFighter is, first and foremost, a trading education platform. Its first blockchain game educates on trading by using simple cryptocurrency pairs coupled with the functionality to make predictions on them.

Financial trading has traditionally been a ringed community — understood by few and run by fewer. It’s time to change that, and we’re doing it by using blockchain gaming to educate people how to trade.

Trading has undergone gamification through the blockchain — a phenomenon which TradeFighter is very much an integral part of with its first price-prediction game. But trading is also undergoing another change — a decentralisation of trading education.



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