TradeFighter — Gaming for Big Returns on Crypto Assets

Get Rich or Get Rekt. A gamified crypto asset platform where you can earn upto 97% on Price Predictions

Get Rich or Get Rekt


Trading used to be the mainstay only of the rich and those who were in-the-know.

Entry, Security and Decentralization

Entry to TradeFighter is painlessly simple.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain was launched in September 2020 and designed for for decentralized apps to be built on it. It was launched as a cheaper and faster alternative to the Ethereum network which has been recently plagued with prohibitively high network fees. Binance’s Founder quoted in Oct 2020 that BSC had processed 21% of Ethereum’s transactions at a rate 35 times cheaper than the Ethereum network.

TDF — TradeFighter’s Native Token

TradeFighter has its own native token called TDF.


Non-Fungible Tokens have exploded in popularity in recent months. TradeFighter will offer NFT’s in the form of characters on the platform which will only be available via the platform.

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