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Play to Earn

The ability to earn actual money from playing video games started on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Gamers would live-stream or upload videos of gameplay and receive either advertising revenue or ‘donations’ from their viewers, depending on how popular they were.

Enter Blockchain Gaming

As the name suggests, this is the marriage of blockchain and gaming, which gives players the real opportunity to earn money from playing games.

The Blockchain

Going briefly into cryptocurrency 101 (apologies if this is a bit rudimentary — skip past this and the next title if it is), the blockchain is a growing record of transactions linked together by cryptography.


Non-Fungible Tokens are the hot new thing everyone’s talking about, even though they’ve been around since 2017. They took the digital art and music worlds by storm, with some paying thousands or even upwards of a million for an NFT. The first and largest NFT’s were from a company called Cryptopunks, whose lifetime sales of their pixelated image NFT’s surged past an eye-watering $1B since 2017.

How Blockchain Gaming Works

In traditional story, quest or RPG games players could develop their playable characters and earn credits or money within the game, which they would use to make their characters stronger. With the advent of smart phones came the use of real world money to purchase items (like upgrades, weapons etc) within the game.

Trading and Democratisation

Trading on the financial markets is also, in many ways, like a game.

TradeFighter — Where You Can Make Actual Money from Gaming

This where TradeFighter combines all of it — trading democratisation, blockchain gaming, play to earn, NFT’s and the chance to make real money.



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